How much do shipping container homes cost to build

Shipping container homes are becoming more and more popular. Although shipping container homes seem like a new trend, the concept of using them for home building or for storage dates back to the 1880s when they were first introduced to the commercial market. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to make an entire home from shipping containers. But before diving into your dream of living in a shipping container home, not even knowing about shipping containers’ cost or similar factors can affect your decision making in the future. Here we’ll introduce you to information about how much does it cost to build a shipping container house and how much is a shipping container house cost.

Shipping Container Home Cost Calculator. find out how much it will cost to build a container home. guides and tutorials on building a shipping container home.

How much do shipping container homes cost to build

Shipping container homes are becoming more and more popular, and the numbers speak for themselves: In 2015, according to The Guardian, there were just over 3,000 shipping container homes in the US. By 2016, that number had risen to 6,500 — a staggering increase of 130%.

Shipping container homes are an ideal solution for homeowners who want to live in a smaller space but don’t want to compromise on style or comfort. Most plans include 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

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But what’s the cost of building one?

Container homes are an affordable way to build a new home. Shipping container homes are usually built using used shipping containers that have been refurbished and outfitted with insulation, windows and electrical wiring. The average cost of a shipping container home varies based on the size and design of the house.

The average cost for a small one-bedroom unit runs about $30,000, while a larger three-bedroom unit can cost as much as $60,000. The cost will increase depending on the amount of customization required by the buyer. For example, if you want more than one story or require multiple bedrooms, your price will go up accordingly.

Shipping Container Home Cost Factors

The biggest factor in determining your shipping container home costs is the size of your home. Most people choose to start small with a one-bedroom model because it’s easier to set up and move around than larger models. However, if you’re looking for something larger than 300 square feet (about 27 square meters), you’ll probably end up paying more than $30,000 for it — even if it’s just one bedroom with little customization required.

Another factor that affects shipping container home prices is whether you will hire professionals or do most of the work yourself

Shipping container homes are a hot trend right now, and we’ve seen the rise of many builders offering them as an alternative to traditional construction. But what’s the bottom line? How much does it cost to build a shipping container home?

To get an idea, we looked at the cost of a small shipping container house from one builder and compared it with the price of building a similar-sized home from scratch using conventional materials. We also looked at how much you can expect to spend on utilities, since that’s often overlooked when considering costs for these homes.

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The company we compared costs with is Stak Construction Company (, which specializes in building homes out of shipping containers in Austin, Texas. The company offers two plans: The first is a 1,000-square-foot “starter” home priced at $49,950; the second is a 2,300-square-foot “masterpiece” at $79,950. Both include appliances and fixtures but exclude furnishings and landscaping — which can add another $10,000 or more to final costs depending on how elaborate you want your property to be.

The cost of a shipping container home can vary with the size and features you choose. Like any home, it will also depend on where you live and whether or not you are building the structure yourself.

If you’re thinking about building a shipping container home, here’s what you need to know about the costs involved:

A 20-foot shipping container costs around $2,000 and up, depending on where you’re buying them. A 40-foot container will cost more — around $3,500 to $4,500 — while larger containers are more expensive still.

Building Materials Costs

The cost of building materials depends on what type of house you’re building and how many rooms it has. If you’re using a standard plan from an architect, the materials should be around $100 per square foot (the average cost for a wood frame home). If not, expect to pay closer to $150 per square foot or more. According to CostHelper’s 2018 Cost vs Value Report , the average price per square foot for new single family homes was $133 in 2017 — that’s about $75 per square foot for labor and materials combined (including permits). However, as mentioned above

Shipping container homes are becoming more popular in today’s market. They’re a great way to save money and build your own home.

Shipping Container Home Plans

This is where it gets a little tricky. The first step is finding the right shipping container for your needs. There are many different sizes available, so make sure you know exactly what you need before starting this project. You can find detailed information on rates and specifications online through sites like, but keep in mind that prices differ depending on location and company specifications. As an example, here’s a quote from Containerships:

Container Type: 20′ Standard Steel ISO (1) $1,070 per unit*

Container Type: 40′ High Cube Steel ISO (2) $1,410 per unit*

Shipping Container Home Cost Calculator

The cost to build a shipping container home varies according to the size of the container and amenities included in your design. There are several factors that affect the price of a shipping container home, including:

Container Size: The larger the container, the more expensive it is. The smallest unit available is 20 feet long by 8 feet wide by 8 feet high (this is called “FEU). This type of container is typically used for dry cargo such as food and other non-fragile materials. A 40 foot FEU container can hold about eight cars, but costs more per square foot than smaller containers.

A 40 foot FEU costs about $4 per square foot more than an FEU because it requires more material to make larger windows and doors, as well as more insulation because it needs to be stronger than smaller containers. A 40 foot FEU with a bathroom and kitchenette costs around $20 per square foot without any customization.

Habitat Kits: Habitat kits are ready-made homes that are built using standard building materials such as plywood and metal studs instead of corrugated steel walls and floors. These kits come with everything you need inside except for appliances like stoves and refrigerators. They also have

How much does a shipping container house cost?

Here are some real-world examples of shipping container homes and their prices.

This is a tool for estimating the cost of a shipping container home. It’s based on my experience building my own container home in Thailand, and on some research I’ve done into container construction.

It’s not intended as an exact cost calculator, but rather a rough guide to help you get started with your project.

The results are based on prices as at July 2018, and are intended as a guide only. You will need to do your own research before making any decisions about how much money you want to spend on your new home or project.

The following shipping container home cost calculator will help you estimate the total cost of building your own container home.

Note that this is only an estimate, and you should always check with local authorities to make sure that it is legal to build a container house in your area.

To use this tool, just enter in the information below and click “Calculate.” The results are based on the average costs for each category listed below (in U.S. dollars). If you want to figure out how much your shipping container home could cost in another currency, just change the currency at the top of the page.

Shipping container homes are a great way to get into your new home without having to break the bank. They are also the perfect solution for those looking for a home that will be easy to move and place on a piece of land that they already own.

Shipping container homes are also great for people who want to live in an off-the-grid environment, as they can be equipped with solar panels, wind turbines, and other forms of renewable energy sources.

The cost of building a shipping container home varies depending on the size and style of the house you want to build. You will also have to factor in additional costs such as the cost of insulation, flooring, windows and doors when estimating how much it will cost you to build your own shipping container home.

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