Cost to build a convenience store

The average cost to build a convenience store depends on the size of the store, its location and other factors. To give you a rough idea, I have compiled some data from various sources and made a table below with approximate costs for different types of stores.

Average Cost to Build a Convenience Store

Convenience Store Type Average Cost

Minimarket $60,000$150,000

Supermarket $150,000$500,000

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Grocery Store $200,000$1 million

Cost to build a convenience store

A convenience store is a small business that sells groceries, snacks, and other items. Convenience stores are also known as c-stores.

They are often located near gas stations or gas stations themselves, although some are independent businesses that don’t sell gasoline.

Convenience stores can be profitable, but the cost of entry is low compared to other kinds of businesses. They typically have lower overhead costs than grocery stores because they don’t need as much space or inventory.How to Open a Convenience Store | Costs & Loans

What Licenses Are Needed to Start a Convenience Store?

Convenience stores require only one license from your state government: a retail food establishment license (RFE). This license regulates how you run your store and serves as proof of your legal right to sell food products in your area. You’ll need this license before you open your doors for business.

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