Cost to build a 383 stroker

Are you wondering what the cost of having a 383 stroker build? Well we can help with that because we offer affordable pricing. We don’t guarantee the lowest prices in the business but we’ll work hard to make sure your getting the best value for your money. Please consult our FAQ first before contacting us.

Cost to build a 383 stroker

A 383 Stroker Crate Engine is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade the performance of their vehicle. The engine is built from new parts and is designed to be ready to install in your car or truck. The 383 Stroker Crate Engine is available in a range of different configurations, including different bore sizes and stroke lengths. This allows you to choose the exact power you want for your vehicle, whether it’s more power or more torque.

The most common configuration for this engine is 4 inch bore 3 75 stroke, which equates to 383 cubic inches of displacement, making it a great choice if you’re looking for a street-performance engine that can handle some extra power.

A lot of people prefer this style of engine because they don’t have to worry about having to buy all the parts separately and assemble them themselves; instead they can simply drop in their new crate engine and start driving right away!

Other benefits include:

  • Improved acceleration and throttle response compared with stock engines
  • More horsepower than stock engines

I have searched the internet for information about the cost of building a 383 stroker crate engine, and all I can find is that it is expensive, but no one tells you how much.

I am looking to build a 383 stroker with a 4 inch bore and 3 75 stroke. How much would this cost me?

383 Stroker Crate Engine

Description: A 383 stroker crate engine is a pre-assembled and ready to install replacement engine that has been built to exacting specifications. By using a pre-assembled motor, you can save time and money on installation and maintenance.

Why it works: The 383 stroker is a popular choice among performance enthusiasts who want an affordable but powerful alternative to the more expensive 454 or 502 engines. The engine’s relatively small displacement makes it ideal for light trucks and SUVs, but the additional displacement provides more oomph than the standard 305ci engine.

What’s included: The 383 stroker crate engine includes everything you need for installation except for the intake manifold, valve covers, distributor and starter. Some models may also include accessories such as an oil pan or valve covers.

The total cost of the 383 stroker crate engine is $4,000. The parts for the build were:

Rods: $600

Pistons: $600

Bearings: $500

Intake Manifold: $500

Heads: $500

Camshaft: $300

The first thing that you need to do is decide on the type of engine you want. There are several options, but we’ll keep it simple by looking at two types: a stock replacement (stroker) or a crate engine.

In this article, we’ll focus on building a 383 stroker engine. The most common bore size used for these engines is 4 inches, which means that the piston travels through the cylinder exactly 4 inches per stroke. This is different than the standard bore size (2.000 inches), which means that a standard bore engine only travels through its cylinder 2 inches per stroke.

Since your goal is to make more power at higher RPMs, this means that you want to increase both the stroke and the bore size of your engine so that it will have more displacement and therefore make more power. A larger bore also helps with breathing — which means more air can flow into and out of your combustion chamber — as well as cooling efficiency because there’s more surface area for heat dissipation

383 stroker crate engine, 4 inch bore 3 75 stroke, forged pistons, forged connecting rods, forged crankshaft, roller camshaft, lifters, timing chain and gears.

I want to build my own 383 stroker motor. Does anyone know how much this would cost me? I was thinking of using a 383 stroker crate engine. I will be doing the building myself so if you could give me an estimate on how much it would cost for all the parts that would be great. I’m trying to keep the price under $5000 but if it’s more than that then I’ll just have to get a cheaper motor kit or maybe just buy a 400 horse power 383 stroker kit or something like that instead.

383 Stroker Crate Engine

The Chevy 383 Stroker Crate Engine is a great option for those looking to build their own engine and save money. This engine is designed to be used in applications ranging from drag racing to street performance. It features a 4 inch bore and 3 75 stroke. The Chevy 383 Stroker Crate Engine is built with a forged steel crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods, hypereutectic aluminum pistons and full floating wrist pins. It also has heavy duty 10:1 compression ratio, balanced rotating assembly and single plane intake manifold for maximum airflow. This engine comes complete with an MSD distributor and coil, along with a set of 1 5/8″ headers for easy installation into your vehicle.

Performance upgrades are available for this engine that can improve horsepower by over 100% at the flywheel!

The 383 stroker, which is a factory Ford engine with a 4 inch bore and 3.75 stroke, is an affordable alternative to building your own engine. It is also known as the 385 or 400 engine.

Crankshaft For a 383 Stroker:

You can use any crankshaft from a 302 Windsor or 351 Cleveland to build your 383 stroker. You will need to get one that has been modified for use in your new engine. You can purchase a complete crankshaft from Summit Racing or A1 Cardone for about $350-$400.

Connecting Rods:

You can purchase connecting rods from Summit Racing for about $300-$350 per set of 6 rods. You may not need all 6 sets depending on how much you want to spend on your project and how many cylinders you want to build into an engine block.


A piston set will cost around $200-$300 per set of pistons if you buy them online and have them shipped directly to your home or business address rather than going out to pick them up personally at an auto parts store location where they may be more expensive than online prices due to overhead costs associated with operating brick-and-mortar shops in addition to shipping fees

The price of building a 383 stroker depends on what you want. You can get a crate engine and just bolt it in, or you can build one from scratch. The cost of each is going to vary greatly depending on what kind of power and performance you’re looking for.

Crate Engines

If all you want is a basic engine that runs, then getting a crate motor may be the way to go. These engines are ready-to-run and come with everything you need for installation. They’re also cheaper than making your own motor from scratch. However, if you want more power or performance out of your vehicle, then getting a crate motor may not be the best option for your needs.

Building Your Own Engine

If you want more power or performance out of your vehicle, then building your own engine may be the best option for your needs. You’ll have to find an engine block that’s compatible with the crankshaft that you choose and then bolt them together yourself (or pay someone else to do it). If this sounds like something that would interest you, go ahead and read my article on how to build an engine from scratch!

The cost of the motor is around $3200 USD. The cost of the motor is around $3200 USD.

The engine was built by me. I had to do the machine work on it myself, but a shop would be able to do this for you at a much lower price than what I paid.

The parts listed below are what I used for my build:

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