Cost to build a 20×20 deck

One of the most common decking projects valued at $20,000 or less is the 20×20 traditional deck. When you think about it, this is a very small project in comparison to a larger custom deck or one built from exotic hardwood. The average price for the labor and materials for this type of project is $10,600. I estimate that cost shows up as part of 10%-15% of all estimates because it’s such a common occurrence. To have a successful business over time, you need to understand your market. And one way of doing that is to know what your potential clients are trying to find on their journey. The best way to do this is by writing blog posts and articles targeting your desired audience. Even if you don’t have all the clients in the world, there are people in your area right now trying this very same research who will discover your content on Google or Bing (or both) and be put in touch with you when they start their project with someone else down the road.

Cost to build a 20×20 deck

The labor cost to build a deck per square foot varies depending on the size of the deck. For example, a 6-by-10-foot deck with two staircases will cost about $6,000 in labor costs.

According to, the average cost of building a 16×20-foot deck is $4,500-$8,500. This price includes materials and labor costs for installation.

Labor costs to build a deck per square foot vary depending on your location, the size of the area to be covered and the materials used. Homeowners should expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $100 per square foot, with an average cost of $30 to $50 per square foot.

The following is an example of labor costs to build a deck:

A 16-by-20-foot deck requires 320 square feet, or 36 lineal feet of lumber. The framing lumber alone costs about $1,000 at Home Depot. The decking materials will run you another $500 or so. The cost of nails, screws and other hardware will be approximately $250. Assuming you hire someone to frame the deck, you can expect it to take two days or so to complete this project if it is done right—or three days if it is not done right (and trust me, I’ve seen some sorry attempts at framing decks). So that’s a total cost of about $2,500 for construction materials alone. If you’re doing all the work yourself and are using treated lumber instead of cedar (which costs more), then your total construction cost would be closer to $2

I’ve had a home for almost 20 years, and I’ve never built a deck. I’m considering it now, and would like to know how much it costs to build a small deck (about 12 feet by 12 feet).

I live in rural Georgia, where labor is cheap.

How much does it cost to build a 16×20 deck?

Deck building costs vary greatly depending on the type of deck, the size of the deck and the building materials used. The cost to build a deck can range from $20 to $50 per square foot for an average size deck. The materials used will also affect the price of your deck. For example, using pressure-treated lumber or cedar costs more than using composite or plastic lumber.

The cost to build a deck is typically between $10 and $25 per square foot. This average takes into account both high-end and low-end estimates from professionals in all areas of the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii).

The cost of building a wood deck is generally between $10 and $15 per square foot while vinyl decks can be built for around $11 per square foot. Composite decks are usually priced at between $8 and $12 per square foot while aluminum decks may cost up to $30 per square foot when installed by an experienced contractor. Concrete decks can range in price between $15 and $25 per square foot, depending on whether you choose exposed aggregate or stamped concrete surfaces for your new decking surface.

The average cost for installing a new wood deck is about $1300 (with labor included), which includes removing old

The average cost of a 20×20 deck is $7,700, but the project can vary depending on your location and what features you choose.

This article will look at the average cost of building a deck and the factors that could increase or decrease it.

Cost breakdown

The cost of building a deck depends on several factors:

the size of the deck

the material used (wood vs. composite)

the style of railing (wooden, metal or vinyl)

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