Cost to build 8×16 shed

Building an 8×16 shed is a great way to save money on storage space. This article will show you how to build an 8×16 shed in just a few hours.

The cost of building an 8×16 shed depends on how much work you want to do yourself and what kind of materials you use. A professionally built shed from a home improvement store can cost $1,500 or more, but if you build it yourself, you can save a lot of money.

If you’re handy with tools and willing to spend some time building a shed, you can build one for less than $500. This article shows how to build a shed for less than $400 using materials that cost about $50 per sheet of plywood and $75 per sheet of 2x4s.

Cost to build 8×16 shed

The cost to build a shed can vary greatly depending on the size and materials used. Because you’re building a shed, you’ll need to buy lumber, nails and other building materials. These costs can be quite substantial when building a 12×24 or 16×16 shed, but they’re somewhat cheaper if you’re only building a smaller 8×8 or 10×10 shed.

In addition to the materials needed to build your shed, you’ll also need to factor in labor costs. Depending on how skilled you are at carpentry and other construction skills, it could take as little as four hours or as much as eight hours to build an 8×8 storage shed.

The following is a list of average costs for building various sizes of sheds:

8×8 shed – $500-$600

10×10 shed – $800-$900

12×12 shed – $1,000-$1,300

16×16 shed – $1,300-$1,600

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