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Small Block Chevy 383 Stroker Crate Engine

The Small Block Chevy 383 Stroker Crate Engine is the perfect solution for your project car, daily driver or weekend racer. The engine comes with a 4-bolt main block and can be installed on any manual transmission equipped car. The engine has a forged steel crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods and cast pistons. This small block crate motor has a 4.00″ bore with a 3.75″ stroke which results in 383 cubic inches of displacement. It comes with an aluminum cylinder heads that feature 2 bolt valve covers and high flow 1 piece intake manifold with dual plane design. These heads are fully CNC ported to match the deck height of the block for optimal performance.

The 383 stroker motor is built using top quality components including:

Forged Steel Crankshaft – Forged steel crankshafts are stronger than cast cranks and will provide better performance and longevity than regular cast cranks.

Forged Steel Connecting Rods – Forged steel connecting rods are stronger than cast connecting rods due to their superior metallurgy and design features that allow them to withstand higher loads without breaking or bending like cast rods will do under extreme conditions such as high RPM situations where detonation occurs often in racing

The cost of building a 383 stroker engine varies depending on the type of parts you are using, but it is usually less than $2,000. There are many different types of engines that can be built with a 383 block, such as a street motor, drag racing motor or race car motor.

The most basic 383 stroker kit can be purchased for around $1,200 and includes everything needed to assemble the engine. This includes pistons, rods, crankshaft and connecting rods. Additional parts may be needed depending on your specific application. The more expensive kits include things like bearings and gaskets as well as other components like oil pumps, camshafts and carburetors.

A complete set of parts for an entire 383 stroker crate engine can cost as much as $2,500 but can be customized based on what you want from your engine. For example, if you want to build an all-out race car then you will need more expensive parts than someone who wants to build a street car that will only see occasional use on weekends or at the track.

The 383 stroker crate engines are a great way to get a lot of horsepower for your money. The cost of building your own engine can be much less than buying one from a manufacturer. If you have the knowledge and skill, it might even be faster!

Building a 383 stroker engine is not as complicated as it may look at first glance. Most people who have built their own car or truck will tell you that it’s actually not that hard to do. The main thing you need is experience, but if you’ve taken apart and reassembled an engine before, then you’re halfway there already!

Here’s how to build a 383 stroker crate engine:

Step 1 – Get the parts

The first step in building any kind of engine is getting all of the parts together. You’ll want to start with a good block and head set that has been machined properly so that everything fits together nicely. If possible, try to find one that has been bored out already so that you don’t have to mess around with boring it yourself.

You’ll also want to get pistons and rods for your new motor as well as gaskets, bearings and other small parts like rocker arms and valve springs

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When it comes to building an engine, there are many different options. Some people like to build their own engines from scratch, but others choose to buy a crate engine and get it pre-built.

A 383 stroker kit includes everything you need to build a 383 cubic inch engine. These kits are made by companies like Edelbrock and Dart and they include all of the components needed to make your motor larger than the standard 350 cubic inch engine.

The best way to find a 383 stroker crate engine is to look at what your options are. There are many different brands that sell this type of product and each one has its own pros and cons.

When choosing a 383 stroker kit you should take into account how much power you want out of your motor as well as how much money you want to spend on building it up!

383 Stroker Crate Engine 500hp

When you think of a high performance street car, the first thing that comes to mind is power. The fastest cars in the world have massive amounts of power, and it’s no different when it comes to our street machines. We live in a time where modern technology allows us to build engines with more horsepower than ever before. With the right parts, you can build a strong reliable engine that will take your car to new heights.

The 383 stroker crate engine is an ideal choice for anyone looking for more power and torque at a reasonable price point. These engines are designed by professionals who know what they’re doing, so they offer great reliability as well as performance. You can easily install these engines on your car with basic tools and perform maintenance yourself if needed (although we recommend taking them to a mechanic at least once).

There are many different options available depending on what type of car you have (e.g., rear wheel drive or front wheel drive), how much power you need, and how much money you want to spend on parts for installation. For example, there are some models that come with everything needed for installation already included with the purchase price (such as oil pan gaskets). But other models require

383 Stroker Kit

If you want to build a 383 stroker, but don’t have the experience or tools, this is the kit for you. It contains all of the parts to assemble a 383 cid engine that makes 500 horsepower. The 383 Stroker Kit is a complete engine package that includes everything needed to build a 500 horsepower street-strip motor with a four-bolt main block and mild hydraulic roller camshaft. The big news is that this kit features a cast iron 4-bolt main block instead of an aluminum one. This is what gives it so much more strength and durability, while also helping it make more power than an aluminum version could.

The best thing about this 383 stroker kit is that it comes with everything needed in one box! You don’t have to worry about buying separate components and trying to figure out how they go together like other kits do. It’s all here in one box, ready to be installed by someone who knows what they’re doing (or by someone who wants to learn).

When you buy this 383 stroker kit from Speedway Motors, you’ll get:

  • A fully assembled Mopar Performance crankshaft assembly with I-beam connecting rods and forged steel crank throw bearing caps (Mopar

383 Stroker Kit

A 383 stroker kit is a great way to get more power out of your 383 engine. These kits are relatively easy to install, although there are some things you have to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of them.

How Does A 383 Stroker Kit Work?

A 383 stroker kit basically takes the factory crankshaft and rods, and then replaces them with new ones that are longer than the originals. The longer crankshaft allows for more clearance between the piston and cylinder wall, which makes it possible for more air and fuel to be pumped into the combustion chamber during each stroke. This means that you’ll get more power out of your engine because it can now burn more fuel and air per cycle.

Some kits come with pistons that are larger than stock, but most only replace the rod length; this allows you to keep the original size pistons from your engine instead of having to buy new ones separately. Other kits require you to buy new pistons as well as rods and crankshafts. Of course, larger pistons mean more displacement (and therefore more power) but also require higher octane fuel because they create a lot more heat during operation

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