Cost to build 2 story garage with apartment

The cost to build a 2-story garage with apartment is about $60,000.

The size of the garage is about 12′ x 24′. The main floor will have a living room (6′ x 8′), kitchen (6′ x 10′), bedroom (8′ x 10′) and bathroom (3′ x 5′). The second floor will have another bedroom (8′ x 10′) and bathroom (3′ x 5′).

The cost of building materials varies by location. You can get a rough idea by researching the costs in your area. That said, there are many factors that affect the price of building materials beyond location, such as the quality of the product and availability in your area.

The cost of labor varies by location too. You can get an estimate for your area by looking at local construction websites or hiring an architect who specializes in home remodeling projects.

Cost to build 2 story garage with apartment

How to Build a Two-Story Garage Apartment

A two-story garage apartment is a great way to utilize your garage space. Building a two-story garage apartment will also increase your home’s value, which can help with selling your home later on. If you are planning to build a multi-level garage apartment, there are many different options for building materials ranging from wood to concrete block. You can also add an elevator if needed for mobility purposes. The most important thing when building a garage apartment is making sure that you have enough room in the garage for it to fit and that there are no safety issues with having stairs in the middle of the garage. Here are some tips for building your own two-story garage apartment:

Ensure there is enough room in the garage for both floors

Make sure there is space between each floor

Install an elevator if necessary or desired

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