Building plan for pure water factory

Pure Water Factory is the leading provider of clean drinking water for homes, offices and restaurants. We are one of the few companies that provide a certified water filtration system that has been tested by an independent lab. Our systems are easy to install, affordable and they produce the best tasting drinking water ever.

We’ve been in business for more than 10 years now and we’re still growing strong. Our success is due to our commitment to quality and customer service. We offer only the best products on the market and we stand behind them 100%.

Our mission is simple: To provide you with the highest quality water filtration system at an affordable price so that everyone can enjoy fresh, clean drinking water in their home or office.

Building plan for pure water factory

The cost of setting up a Pure Water Factory varies depending on the type of equipment needed, but overall it should be affordable. According to the Water Purification Association, the average cost of installing a water purification system is $40,000.

The cost of setting up a Pure Water Factory includes:

Equipment – The most expensive part of starting a Pure Water Factory is buying the equipment. You will need to buy pumps, filters and other equipment that help you filter water. You can either buy new or used equipment from companies such as Hydrotech or The Greysheet.

Labor – Labor costs vary greatly depending on the size of your plant. A small plant may only require one or two people to run it while larger plants may need more workers to operate all parts of the plant efficiently and safely.

Installation – Installation costs include plumbing work and electrical work for installing pipes and wiring for all machinery required in your Pure Water Factory.

How much does it cost to set up a pure water factory?

The cost of setting up a pure water factory depends on the size, location and other factors. The initial investment required for setting up a pure water factory is around INR 10 lakhs. This includes the cost of land, machinery, raw material and labour. However, if you are planning to start a small business in your locality, then you can expect to spend around INR 50k-1L in order to make your business successful.

How do I start my own pure water business?

If you want to set up your own pure water business, then you will require some basic skills like how to operate machines, how to mix chemicals and other such skills which can be acquired from an institute or from online courses. Once you have acquired all these skills, you can start your own business by purchasing some equipment like RO machines etc., which are available online at reasonable prices along with raw materials like purified water bottles which can be found at local stores as well as online stores like Amazon India etc.

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