Building plan for pure water factory in nigeria

Pure water factory is a project that has been designed to provide pure water to the people of Nigeria.

The project will be located in Lagos state and it will be taking the form of a factory.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to provide pure drinking water at affordable prices to the people of Nigeria. To achieve this, we intend to build a factory that will produce high quality drinking water which will be sold at affordable prices.

Benefits: The main benefit of this project is that it will reduce the rate of diseases caused by impure drinking water. It will also reduce the cost of healthcare as people will no longer get sick from impure drinking water. In addition, it will help promote economic growth in Nigeria by creating jobs for many people in the country who may not have access to clean water.

Building plan for pure water factory in nigeria

The average cost of setting up a pure water factory in Nigeria is $150,000. This includes the cost of buying equipment, hiring staff and purchasing raw materials.

The cost of setting up a pure water factory in Nigeria can vary depending on the size of your business and location.

Cost of Starting a Pure Water Factory in Nigeria

The following are some of the costs you will encounter when starting a pure water factory:

Equipment: Equipment costs vary depending on the type of equipment you buy and where you buy from. For example, if you want to buy from China, Thailand or India then expect it to be cheaper than if you buy from Europe or America.

Raw Materials: Raw materials include plastic bottles and containers for storing water as well as bottles for packaging purposes. They are usually purchased from local suppliers at competitive prices which reflect their quality and standards. The price varies depending on how many bottles you want to purchase at once but it shouldn’t be more than $2 per bottle.

Staffing Costs: Staffing costs include salaries, accommodation and medical insurance as well as social security contributions which are deducted by law every month by your bank or employer

There are several factors that determine the cost of starting a pure water factory. The location, size, and the technology used are some of these factors.

The cost of starting a pure water factory in Nigeria ranges from N600,000 to N1 million depending on the location, size and technology used.

A small scale pure water factory that uses reverse osmosis (RO) technology can cost around N600,000 while a larger industrial-scale pure water factory that uses distillation technology would cost about N1 million.

In addition to this, the cost of setting up a pure water factory also depends on other factors such as:

  1. Location – The location of your pure water business will determine the amount of tax you pay and also where you get your raw materials from. For example, if you are located in Lagos state then you will pay more taxes than if you were in Ogun state because Lagos is more developed than Ogun.
  2. Labour – Labour costs in Nigeria are very high compared to other countries around the world such as South Africa and China where labour is cheap and abundant but because labour is expensive here so you need to pay more wages or hire fewer employees which will reduce

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