Apple park cost to build

It costed about $5 Billion for the first Apple Park that was completed this year. This new headquarters is state of the art showcasing perhaps what can be built. Most buildings of this caliber have massive budgets. In the case of Apple, it managed to build a beautiful and exquisite space without exceeding their budget since they could fund it from its cash reserves.

These days, most of us know that Apple has one of the best spaces for its employees. The main building is made entirely from glass and is instantly recognizable for anyone who works with design. Let’s talk about how much time and money have been invested in the start-up.

Apple park cost to build

Apple Park, the company’s new campus, is a massive facility that cost $5 billion to build and took five years to complete.

The tech giant is famous for its secrecy, but it did share some details about the project when it was completed in 2017. Apple Park has more than 2,000 species of plants on site and has been dubbed the “greenest building on the planet.”

Apple Park features a 1 million-square-foot research facility called R1, which will be used by employees working on secret projects like self-driving cars and augmented reality glasses. There’s also an underground parking garage that can hold 5,000 cars.

Some estimates say Apple Park cost $5 billion, but the company hasn’t confirmed that number. The building is located near Cupertino, California, which is also home to Apple’s headquarters and many other offices.

Apple Park is a 2.8 million-square-foot, futuristic corporate campus in Cupertino, California. It’s the new home of Apple’s headquarters, made up of four connected buildings that span 2.8 million square feet — enough room for 13,000 employees.

The campus was designed by Norman Foster and cost $5 billion to build. Here’s a look at how much it cost to build Apple Park.

How much did Apple Park cost to build?

Apple Park was built over the course of five years, with construction beginning in 2014. The company has been largely secretive about the costs involved in building its new headquarters, but we can make some educated guesses based on publicly available information about the project and its components.

For example, in 2015 there were reports that Apple had spent $1 billion just on landscaping at Apple Park — making it one of the most expensive campuses ever built in Silicon Valley. That said, those numbers were never confirmed by the company itself (and it seems unlikely that they were accurate).

In October 2018, The Mercury News reported that Apple had spent an estimated $5 billion on its new headquarters — though this figure included more than just construction costs since it included moving expenses as well

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