7 days to die how to build a house

Creating an easily defendable house is essential on your survival map! When I created my first few houses, I was lazy and just slapped down some walls, a couple of windows and doorways…and then forgot about them. While this worked for a few days, it failed miserably when zombies started appearing in the night.

Just like any survival game, it is not just imperative to have a good supply of food at the start but also a shelter that can protect you from the elements. Some players prefer living in makeshift campsites, tents or simply under the open sky but for most who are looking for a more sustainable method, building a house is needed.

7 days to die how to build a house

7 Days to Die is a game that is built on crafting. You can craft many things, including furniture and weapons. In this article, we will show you how to build stairs in 7 Days to Die.

First, you need to find the stairs blueprint. The blueprint can be found in the blueprint menu under the general section. To access this menu, press P on your keyboard.

Now that you have found the blueprint, you need to place it somewhere where it won’t get destroyed by zombies or other players. Place it down and right click on it so that it becomes active. You need to wait for 30 seconds until the stairs are fully constructed and ready for use.

You can also use this method to build many other shapes like triangles and squares.

7 days to die building shapes

7 days to die is a great game and it is full of secrets and surprises. The game has been released for over three years now and in that time it has seen many updates, changes and additions. This is the most popular survival game out there right now and it has a very dedicated community that loves to share their tips and tricks with each other.

In this guide we will be going over some of the most useful tips for 7 days to die building shapes. We will be showing you how to build stairs, walls, floors and more!

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